1. MGM Resorts International details plan for Springfield casino in front of Massachusetts Gaming Commission

    MGM Resorts International details plan for Springfield casino in front of Massachusetts Gaming Commission

    Company executives, alongside Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and a few city councilors, made the final pitch for an $800 million casino in the city. In a 90-minute presentation, CEO Jim Murren and President Bill Hornbuckle touted not only the company's standing among its peers, but also the details of a host community agreement that they and their supporters argue will breathe new life into one of the oldest cities in America.

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    1. They have studied, they have engaged, and this is truly a game changer.
    2. Our venues are Springfield's venues. We have guaranteed 12 shows annually.
    3. We are the largest player in Las Vegas. To put this in perspective, Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world.
    4. In the old days, a casino was a supermarket.
    5. If you don't want to interact with the casino, you don't have to.
    6. Mike will be responsible for implementation and strategic planning for the development of MGM Springfield going forward.
    7. Mike has been MGM's leader in Massachusetts since the beginning of this project and his experience in the Western Massachusetts region provides invaluable insight, and his background and expertise will be instrumental in guiding the MGM Springfield development through the licensing and planning processes, and the eventual opening.
    8. Paul Picknelly is an amazing advocate for his city. We began this journey with him back in 2012, and we've met with folks from all over the region.
    9. I do give a damn about Connecticut as I'm from there. I just want their money to come here.
    10. We are right in the target range of Mohegan and Foxwoods. We are ideally positioned to go right into Hartford, and attack.
    11. We have a simple message for the tens of thousands of Western Mass residents who oppose a casino in Springfield. The fight is not over.
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