1. Joanne Marqusee named president/CEO of Cooley Dickinson Health Care

    Joanne Marqusee named president/CEO of Cooley Dickinson Health Care

    Joanne Marqusee has been named the next president/CEO of Cooley Dickinson Health Care.  Her appointment was approved Tuesday by the Board of Trustees, which approved the recommendation of the search committee.  Marqusee will join Cooley Dickinson on March 31 from Hallmark Health System, located just north of Boston, where she has served since 2009 as executive vice president and chief operating officer.  Matthew M. Pitoniak, who is chief executive officer, chairman of the Board of Trustees and search committee chairmanr, said the selection of Marqusee fulfills the search committee’s goals.

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    1. We set out to identify a person capable of leading our care system into the future, who also has a proven track record of success in the operations of a health system.
    2. The search committee enthusiastically agreed that Joanne is the right person to build on Cooley Dickinson's success and further improve the quality of patient care and our patients' experiences.
    3. I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve Cooley Dickinson and its community.
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