1. State Sen. Stephen Brewer will not run for re-election

    State Sen. Stephen Brewer will not run for re-election

    Speaking to reporters, Brewer said he came to work in the building at the end of President Jimmy Carter's administration in 1980. He has worked under seven governors. He said he is ready to retire for personal reasons. 'Two weeks from now, I will be 66,' Brewer said. 'My children are grown…The nights that I stay here working on the budget, my wife is at a big house alone.'

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    1. Being a cancer survivor has given me a new perspective on what really matters for my family and our future years.
    2. He has had a wonderful career. He's a wonderful man, and he's going to be missed.
    3. Sen. Brewer is someone who has provided leadership and conscience to this body, and it's been a real honor to work with him.
    4. The Senate presidency or having opponents has had no bearing on my decision.
    5. No one has ever loved this job more.
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