1. Hosting Italian Medical Device Company

    Hosting Italian Medical Device Company

    The EDC hosted the International Business Development Manager for an Italian firm with a suite of products that provide comprehensive automated systems for the distribution of drugs and disposable devices inside hospitals. I initially met the executive at the invitation of the Italian Consul General in Boston during a trade mission. I met him again at Medica (the global medical device trade show) when he accepted my invitation to visit Springfield. We would like to thank Evan Robinson, Dean of the School of Pharmacy at WNEU, for joining us and sharing a wealth of information about the pharmacy industry in the US and in particular inside hospitals. We also spoke about the opportunities available at the new Baystate Health Innovation Center.

    In a fortuitous coincidence, he had planned a New England vacation with his family over the holidays. So in addition to our business discussions, he and his family also visited the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield Museums and Bright Nights. But the highlight of the trip was our dinner at Red Rose where Nick and Edda Caputo were outstanding hosts and made our guests feel right at home.

    The EDC is always appreciative of the support that we receive from the western Mass business and hospitality community when we entertain guests from outside the region and sometimes from outside the country. We expect more visits from the 20+ companies we met at Medica, so please contact me at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com to find out more about opportunities with these medical device companies or other business prospects.

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