1. Greenfield's new 'green' master plan almost finished

    A new “sustainable” master plan that will carry the town through at least the next 10 years includes suggestions for preserving open space and agricultural land, promoting energy efficiency throughout town, and encouraging more use of pedestrian and bike paths, as well as public transportation, to reduce the town’s carbon footprint. The words that came up again and again as a 35-member Sustainable Master Plan Advisory Committee met over the last 13 months to write the sustainable master plan were: resilience, vibrancy and quality (of life). Now, the sustainable master plan, which will go to the town’s Planning ...

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    1. By February, the town will have its new master plan.
    2. This will be a guide that could eventually lead to new ordinances.
    3. Sustainability isn't just about the environment, but also about economics.
    4. This is a guide, but we're hoping it leads to some permanent changes, good changes, in Greenfield.
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