1. Southworth's Paperlogic unit in Turners Falls looks for new paper markets

    Southworth's Paperlogic unit in Turners Falls looks for new paper markets

    Mike Bilodeau, director of the process development center at the University of Maine at Orono. Southworth and Paperlogic are working with Bilodeau's team and with researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst . For most of its life, the Southworth Co. mill on the power canal here was Esleeck Paper Co. and famous for its onionskin typing paper. Onionskin was tough, translucent and lightweight, perfect for the emerging technologies: the typewriter, carbon paper and airmail. Try finding it on an office-supply shelf today. "Nobody uses carbon paper anymore," said Ken Schelling, mill manger for the Southworth Co. "So they ...

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    1. Nobody uses carbon paper anymore, So they had to find something different.
    2. We know that we are in the final year to year and a half of making the office paper.
    3. It's just the types of paper being made and the number of mills making it.
    4. Our sales staff tells us that if you have ever been born, married, bought a house or died, you have used Byron Weston paper.
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