1. Chicopee approves tax break for Menck Windows

    Chicopee approves tax break for Menck Windows

    The company, which is in a joint venture with Menck Fenster a 130-year-old German company, initially plans to hire 20 to 30 employees and hopes to expand to at least 50 within five years.  Before the City Council meeting, Todd Bachelder, president and chief executive officer for Menck USA, asked for a quick approval so the company could begin installing equipment and be ready for business for the end of the 2014 construction season.  The approval enables the company to appear before the state Economic Assistance Coordinating Council this month to request economic development incentive grants or tax credits.

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    1. We are asking for modest support but it is important support.
    2. It is our job to entice people to come to Chicopee.
    3. These are high-paying jobs with benefits.
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