1. Population in Lower Pioneer Valley expected to fall as people age, according

    Population in Lower Pioneer Valley expected to fall as people age, according

    By 2015 there will likely be more people dying than being born in the Lower Pioneer Valley, contributing along with the outmigration of aging baby boomers to a steady decline in population that will likely challenge the region and its economy. "The implications are statewide and nationwide," said Susan Strate, manager of the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute Population Estimates Program in Hadley.


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    1. The implications are statewide and nationwide.
    2. We can anticipate a larger old-age dependency ratio.
    3. There is no way that this is a good news story if these projections turn out to be true.
    4. My feeling is the one area where we can mitigate this projected change is in the retention of young people and in young families.
    5. So broadly, the Massachusetts population is going to keep on increasing at a steady rate for the next 10 years, out to 2020.
    6. Springfield is likely going to go with the region.
    7. If Massachusetts was attracting more international college students for example. Or if more retirees would chase to stay in the valley. This future is not written in stone.
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