1. West Springfield approves $2.6 million in bonding for library project

    West Springfield approves $2.6 million in bonding for library project

    The Town Council on Monday voted 9-0 in favor of granting the library renovation and expansion an additional $2.6 million in bonding funds, bringing the total amount of the project’s budget to $16 million.  Council President Kathleen Bourque stated that if other funding sources for the library project become available, the $2.6 million may not be used in full.

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    1. It is so wonderful to see the town support us in this manner and we are so thankful and grateful for that.
    2. The next step is to get the bids in from the sub-contractors and from the general contractors and then we can move forward to the last stage and get the contractor to sign a contract and then we're good to go.
    3. The lease is now in the hands of the town attorney who is reviewing the conditions.
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