1. Bradley seeks longer reach in 2014

    Bradley seeks longer reach in 2014

    North Carolina. Ohio. California. Europe.The Connecticut Airport Authority has some lofty destination goals in 2014 for Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. All those goals might not be realized next year, but the authority will be well on the way to fulfilling them, said CAA Executive Director Kevin Dillon.

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    1. We want to offer our customers the best amount of direct services.
    2. We want to make a big push here to bring our fares as low as possible.
    3. That would elevate us in a way that we would be viewed as a true international city.
    4. The fact that the airport is a separate agency is the single-most important thing that happened in 2013.
    5. We want to focus not only on national brands, but we also want to focus on local brands.
    6. We really want to be known for our level of customer service here at the airport.
    7. That terminal is right on the front door of this airport, and for many travelers, the front door of Connecticut.
    8. The team that has been assembled at the airport is second-to-none.
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