1. Town of South Deerfield releases RFP for developers

    Town of South Deerfield releases RFP for developers

    For 110 years the Oxford Pickle Factory operated in the center of South Deerfield MA until it closed in 2006. The Town purchased the land and prepared it for reuse by clearing the site and adopting zoning and expedited permitting to encourage its development. Special overlay zoning allows interested developers to propose a broad range of uses including light industrial, housing, commercial, or mixed use options for consideration. Today the Town released an RFP for developers to suggest a new use for the 12 acre site.  The full RFP and supporting material is available at the Town of Deerfield website.  http://www.deerfieldma.us/. From its origins as a pickle factory, the reuse of this site will shape the center of South  Deerfield for generations to come.

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