1. Elms College dedicates new Center for Natural and Health Sciences

    Elms College dedicates new Center for Natural and Health Sciences

    The new facility was financed with $12 million in New Markets Tax Credit financing from Massachusetts Housing Investment Corp., with PeoplesBank and United Bank as investors. Financing for the project also came from a capital campaign and from tax-exempt bond proceeds lent to Elms College by a consortium of local banks, led by Chicopee Savings Bank.

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    1. Completion of the Center for Natural and Health Sciences realizes a longstanding need for state-of-the-art facilities to support our growing programs in nursing, health and physical sciences and computer information technology.
    2. At this exciting time of convergence in all areas of science and health, this new facility will provide an environment that fosters cross-discipline collaborations and synergies between nursing, science and technology faculty.
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