1. Trans-Atlantic Creative Economy Discussion

    On Thursday, the EDC collaborated with the Ad Club of
    Western Massachusetts to host a panel discussion with creative economy experts
    from Amsterdam and western Mass. Our local agency representatives, Tina Stevens
    from Stevens 470 and Nate Winstanley from Winstanley Partners, traded their
    views with our Dutch guests in a lively and engaging discussion about
    advertising trends on each side of the Atlantic, best practices in Amsterdam (a
    global creative hub) and western Mass, and how we can facilitate business
    opportunities between our regions. The panel was ably moderated by Helena
    Fruscio, Creative Economy Director for the Commonwealth

    Tina Stevens proposed that we organize an advertising and
    marketing mission to Amsterdam and then reciprocate by hosting some of the Dutch
    creative talent here. Our Dutch guests pledged to be gracious hosts on their
    side of the pond and organize a 3-5 day program for us. The EDC and the Ad Club
    are prepared to organize the mission, most likely in Spring 2014.  We encourage interested parties to contact
    Tina, the Ad Club or the EDC.

    This event was a continuation of the EDC’s efforts to use
    our international connections to bring opportunities to western Mass companies
    and entrepreneurs. The timing of this event was particularly beneficial as the
    EDC has made the Creative Economy sector a focus for 2013. We help host the
    monthly Plug Into the Creative Valley networking series. For more information about
    that, please contact Ann Burke at 413-755-1374 or a.burke@westernmassedc.com. For
    information about our international connections in the creative economy or
    other business sectors, please contact Mike Graney at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com.

    Last, we would like to thank our partners in hosting the Dutch
    and organizing the advertising panel: our former colleague Alta Stark (we miss
    you!) from the Ad Club, Helena Fruscio, and Dawn Creighton from Associated Industries
    of Massachusetts.

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