1. Massachusetts approves study to overhaul Interstate 91 through Springfield

    Massachusetts approves study to overhaul Interstate 91 through Springfield

    In a step forward for a massive transportation project in Western Massachusetts, the state has chosen a consultant to study possible alternative alignments for Interstate 91 through Springfield, while highway officials proceed with a plan to replace decks on a deteriorating elevated portion of the highway in the city. The transportation department on late Friday said that it has picked the Cheshire, Conn.-based consulting firm Milone & MacBroom Inc. to evaluate alternatives for a section of Interstate 91 including possibly depressing the highway section to ground level or below ground.

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    1. We have an immediate need to replace the decks that are elevated.
    2. The study will entail the development and analysis of a full range of alternatives including interchange, highway and non-highway improvements as well as options and design elements that improve access in all modes.
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