1. Western Mass Firms Exhibit at Trade Shows

    I read Keith Parent's post in the RTC newsletter this morning indicating that he attended the Interphex trade show in New York last week and encountered many colleagues from western Mass. I attended the BioMeDevice show in Boston last week and had a similar experience. I saw representatives of several western Mass firms while there, including Dielectrics, Seahorse Bioscience, Microtest and Super Brush. I met executives from three western Mass firms that I had not encountered before and made them aware of some of the EDC's cluster and trade show initiatives. The EDC is coordinating the participation of several western Mass firms in the Team New England pavilion at the Medical Design and Manufacturing show in New York in June. We still have room for one more company, so please contact me at m.graney@westernmassedc.com or 413-755-1300 if you are interested. This is an initiative that the EDC plans to continue, so if you have ideas for other shows where western Mass firms could congregate for the benfit of the industry sector in the region, please share them.

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