1. Let him eat cake!

    Let him eat cake!

    From humble beginnings in a rented basement office to a leading financial institution, Hampden Bank recently celebrated its 158th anniversary. And, what better way to mark a birthday than to serve up some cake!

    It was on April 13, 1852 that Hampden Savings Bank was officially chartered by the state to serve the workers of the Western Railroad. It began in rented office space in the basement of the then Agawam National Bank on the corner of Lyman and Main streets in Springfield. The state Legislature decreed the location be “within twenty-five rods of the Western Railroad passenger depot.”

    Today, Hampden Bank has nine offices throughout Hampden County. “Although much has changed in banking since 1852, thankfully, providing customers with extraordinary service and being committed to the local community never goes out of style,” said Thomas R. Burton, the bank’s president and chief executive officer at the birthday party.

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