1. Canadian – Western Mass Aerospace Roundtable

    Canadian – Western Mass Aerospace Roundtable

    Last week, the EDC hosted Consul General Patrick Binns from
    the Canadian Consulate in Boston, economic development aerospace specialists
    from the Consulate, the Quebec office in Boston and United States Commercial
    Service offices in Montreal and Boston, as well as executives from six local
    aerospace manufacturers. As Consul General Binns noted during his remarks,
    US-Canada trade is the most significant in the world and aerospace is a prime
    component of that. Closer to home, Canada is by far Massachusetts’ biggest
    trading partner with aerospace again playing a prominent role.

    Promoting our regional aerospace cluster is a high priority
    for the EDC this year. Enhancing Western Mass – Canada trade is a significant
    tactic in our initiative. US – Canada trade tends to be north-south. Canada’s
    aerospace firms predominate in Quebec, so our region is well positioned to pick
    up future business opportunities. Canada’s firms are primarily involved in the
    commercial side of the aerospace business, which is forecast to experience
    explosive growth over the next several years. These factors are driving
    Canadian firms to look to New England to enhance and tighten their supply
    chains and the EDC is currently working with three Canadian aerospace companies
    to identify local manufacturers.

    One tactic that we discussed during the Roundtable is to
    establish a regional presence at the Aero Montreal Innovation Forum in December
    -- http://www.aeromontreal.ca/2013forum-en/
    -- which includes a matchmaking component. Please contact Mike Graney at the
    EDC, m.graney@westernmassedc.com
    or 413-755-1300, if you want to attend or to find out more information about
    the Forum or more broadly about our aerospace industry initiative.

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