1. Two European Trade Missions to Massachusetts

    Two European Trade Missions to Massachusetts

    The EDC would like to make you aware of two opportunities to
    connect with European companies and business opportunities. The first is the
    visit of “Systematic”, the Parisian IT cluster composed of several hundred
    companies, one of the premier clusters in France. Systematic organizes a
    mission to Massachusetts every year. This year’s visit is focused on Big Data,
    but the cluster encompasses many areas of IT, including Health IT where we have
    already established connections to the Springfield Health IT sector. Here is a
    link to information about the companies that will represent Systematic on this mission
    -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/systematiccompanies/
     -- Most of them are looking for clients
    and customers in the US, but two, Dataiku and Open Data Soft, are interested in
    more general feedback on their platforms and to engage with consultants who are
    knowledgeable about the Big Data field. If you are interested to meet with any
    of these companies, please contact Mike Graney at the EDC, m.graney@westernmassedc.com or
    413-755-1300. The mission will arrive in Massachusetts on Monday, September 16 and
    the companies can meet that week.

    Next month two representatives of Amsterdam In Business
    (Amsterdam’s EDC) will visit Massachusetts to promote their Creative Economy
    cluster. The EDC is working with the Ad Club, AIM, the State’s Creative Economy
    Director and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency to host a seminar about advertising
    and marketing trends on both sides of the pond in Springfield on October 31. We
    are also scheduling one-on-one meetings with western Mass firms that are
    interested in business opportunities in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and/or
    Europe. While the focus of this visit is on Creative Economy companies, any interested
    firm can get a terrific overview of business opportunities in Amsterdam.
    Contact Mike Graney (see above for contact details) if you would like to find
    out more about this visit.

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