1. UMass requests proposals for Springfield satellite center

    UMass requests proposals for Springfield satellite center

    The University of Massachusetts is taking yet another stride toward a greater presence in Springfield by requesting proposals for potential classroom and office space to establish a satellite center here. UMass is looking for 25,000 square feet of space that it would use for classrooms, faculty offices and other uses, with the option of doubling the amount of space at a later date, UMass spokeswoman Ann Scales said.

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    1. We are pleased they are initiating that step, and we look forward to a successful RFP process, and hopefully opening a satellite campus in Springfield in the fall of 2014.
    2. The satellite campus in Springfield is as important as the casino, is as important as a revitalized Union Station.
    3. We very much want to open a satellite center in Springfield because an essential aspect of our mission of service to the Commonwealth is working to build better lives and futures for people and communities, which is what this would represent.
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