1. MGM's entertainment pitch for Springfield could bring the stars back to city

    MGM's entertainment pitch for Springfield could bring the stars back to city

    Enter Graney, the general manager of the MassMutual Center from 1986 to 1994, when it was known as the Springfield Civic Center. Graney was at the helm of the city's flagship venue when booking acts like Aerosmith, KISS, Pearl Jam or Nirvana were a matter of building relationships with the various personalities, agents and promoters in the industry.

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    1. So the first time around, they hit a 90-day clause, or a 90-mile clause, so maybe they don't get that show this time.
    2. Certainly, MGM's buying power would benefit both CityStage & Symphony Hall. For us, artist guarantees are oftentimes too high, meaning that there simply aren't enough seats to sell to make the deal work.
    3. The REO-Speedwagon/Styx show we did was through those efforts and that show went to several of our venues across the country.
    4. Every property on Las Vegas Boulevard is competing for the same entertainment dollar.
    5. If they don't do it, two, three years into their reign, I'd call them on it.
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