1. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Awards $100 Million in Grants to Western Mass

    Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Awards $100 Million in Grants to Western Mass

    On June 6, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced two
    grants made by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to the University of
    Massachusetts (“UMass”) and Baystate Health that total over $100 million.

    The UMass grant will fit out a new science building with
    three research centers:

    • Personalized Health Monitoring, focused on
      developing nanotechnology and large dataset management to improve health care
      through low-cost, wearable, wireless sensors that analyze patient data
      continuously in real time. Biomanufacturing firms, medical device makers, big
      data analysts and other health care industry partners will produce prototypes,
      test them and assess manufacturing feasibility.
    • Bioactive Delivery, focused on discovery and
      application of new drug, agricultural and “nutriceutical” compounds.
    • Models to Medicine, focused on translating basic
      protein research by UMass experts into new therapeutic targets.

    The Baystate grant will fund a new Health IT Innovation
    Center. Sponsors and companies in the Center will work with each other and the
    Baystate clinical staff to bring new product ideas to market. All of the
    centers are emphasizing academic – corporate cooperation and are open to
    collaborations with companies in the region or from anywhere in the world. For additional
    information or for progress updates on these centers, please contact Mike
    Graney at the EDC, m.graney@westernmassedc.com.

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