1. EDC Workforce Group Interacts with Springfield Superintendent of Schools

    EDC Workforce Group Interacts with Springfield Superintendent of Schools

    Last week the EDC Workforce Resource Group (which we co-host
    with Associated Industries of Massachusetts) invited Springfield Superintendent
    of Schools Dan Warwick to address the group. Dan reviewed his strategic plan to
    improve the performance of Springfield’s schoolchildren. He noted some small
    improvements already and he is prepared to incrementally upgrade the
    performance of his team, the teachers and ultimately the students. He was
    upbeat and confident, yet realistic about the challenges that he faces. If Dan
    succeeds, we all win, so we wish him the best.

    The Workforce Group had many questions for Dan, particularly
    about the schools’ interaction with the business community. Many members offered
    support and Dan’s team shared this list of ways that business people could help
    our kids – http://www.westernmassedc.com/springfieldpublicschools/
    -- We decided to share it with our audience of readers to broaden the reach of
    the request and encourage more business people to get involved.

    Our Workforce Group meets quarterly and includes
    professionals in recruiting, staffing, HR, regional employment boards, career
    centers and some niche service providers. If you have a topic to bring before
    the group, please contact Dawn Creighton of Associated Industries of
    Massachusetts at dcreighton@aimnet.org
    or Mike Graney of the EDC at m.graney@westernmassedc.com.

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