1. Palmer seeks Monson water as backup for Mohegan Sun casino project including water park

    Palmer seeks Monson water as backup for Mohegan Sun casino project including water park

    Palmer Water District No. 1 has an agreement in principle with Monson Water and Sewer Department to construct an interconnection between the two systems to provide extra water if the Mohegan Sun Massachusetts resort casino proposal becomes a reality. In other developments, Mohegan announced Wednesday a new marketing program to benefit local businesses and tourist attractions throughout the region. Through this Player's Club program, guests would be able to receive additional discounts and redemption opportunities at participating local businesses and destinations in Western and central Massachusetts.

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    1. This is all contingent on the casino vote and who the state picks.
    2. It's just an agreement in principle, but it will definitely be a huge benefit to both towns to have the interconnection . . . They're proposing a very well thought out and well engineered interconnection.
    3. Our goal is to have hundreds and hundreds of participants over time.
    4. The Mohegan Sun Player's Club card program will provide millions of dollars in discounts and rewards every year, and guests will be able to redeem points outside our resort casino to benefit the entire region.
    5. It's in the final stages of negotiation. I'm not certain exactly when it will be done . . . Things take time to get all the details.
    6. Two of the more serious concerns is the woefully underfunded mitigation account created by MGM and their parking and traffic plan which until now has been more of a mystery than a reality.
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