1. MassMutual holds first Scholars Conference, awards 2013 scholarships

    MassMutual holds first Scholars Conference, awards 2013 scholarships

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. held its first MassMutual Scholars Conference recently, bringing together more than 145 of its MassMutual Scholars, participants in the company's annual college scholarship program.

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    1. The MassMutual Scholars Conference was a great way for our scholars to network with each other and employees in our company. It also provided them with additional experience and insight into the corporate atmosphere, as well as important career-readiness tools to prepare them for success in the working world.
    2. I feel very grateful to be a MassMutual Scholar after attending the Scholars Conference because it really opened my eyes to how much opportunity and potential I have in my college career and the future.
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