1. Regional Business Opportunities from Paris Air Show

    Regional Business Opportunities from Paris Air Show

    Last week I wrote about the opportunities for the companies
    that joined the EDC at the Massachusetts stand at the Paris Air Show -- http://news.westernmassedc.com/articles/1303007/massachusetts-companies-at-the-paris-air-show/

    But we also joined with the Hartford-Springfield Economic
    Partnership and the State of Connecticut in a lead generation initiative for
    New England’s Knowledge Corridor©. We met with over 20 international companies (from
    France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Israel, Italy, even Liechtenstein) that have
    an interest in the US market. Some need a US presence in order to be able to
    compete for US DOD military contracts. Some are following Airbus, which is
    opening its first US facility in Alabama. Some are seeking better growth
    opportunities than they foresee in Europe. Some are looking for US partners for
    joint ventures or to license their technology for the US market. And some are
    looking to augment their US supply chain.

    We presented the Knowledge Corridor value proposition for
    the aerospace industry, which is particularly strong given the supply chain and
    service providers here. Once again it was our experience that European firms
    perceive the general New England business value proposition to be much stronger
    than American firms located in lower cost or right-to-work states. And while significant
    investment projects remain few and far between, there are mid-term investment opportunities
    and definitely shorter term partnership or supply chain opportunities that will
    benefit regional firms.

    Michael Graney m.graney@westernmassedc.com

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