1. EDC Begins Second Round of Industry Sector Roundtables

    Yesterday, Ann Burke and Mike Graney from the EDC attended the second roundtable of regional Information Technology executives. We wish to thank Bill Bither of Atalasoft for hosting the meeting at his office in Easthampton. The session focused on issues facing the companies and how the EDC can provide assistance. The discussion was spirited, as has been the case with all of our sector meetings. The EDC is committed to work with executives in key sectors in our region to host these roundtables at least twice per year. Our feedback from participating companies has been positive and the roundtables provide a robust source of information on the issues and opportunities for each industry sector. The sessions also generate tangible initiatives that the EDC pursues to enhance business opportunities for the sectors. If you are interested in hosting or attending a future sector meeting, please contact Ann @ a.burke@westernmassedc.com or 413-755-1374 or Mike at m.graney@westernmassedc.com or 413-755-1300.

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