1. EDC Activities at the Paris Air Show

    EDC Activities at the Paris Air Show

    The EDC coordinated the Massachusetts presence at the Paris
    Air Show (the world’s largest – over 150,000 attendees) next week. Three
    companies from the region – Hoppe Technologies, Westfield Electroplating and
    Aimtek – will exhibit at our booth inside the US Pavilion. We will meet and
    make connections with nine aerospace clusters from around the world. The
    companies will have opportunities for one-on-one meetings with potential
    partners, suppliers and customers at many of these sessions. These meetings may
    lead to future trade missions to the region as these international clusters
    look to beef up their presence in the US market. That trend has already started
    from Europe due to economic malaise there and the new Airbus facility in the
    US. Our companies will meet senior executives from two major global OEM’s in
    the aerospace industry – Pratt & Whitney and Dassault. They are arranging their
    own sales and customer meetings as well.

    In addition to organizing opportunities for the companies, the
    EDC will join the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership and the State of
    Connecticut to promote lead generation for New England’s Knowledge Corridor. We
    will meet 22 global companies that have been prequalified for (at minimum)
    interest in the US market and awareness of the Knowledge Corridor aerospace
    cluster.  Some are potential inbound
    investors and some are looking to enhance their US supply chain.

    Please contact Mike Graney from the EDC at m.graney@westernmassedc.com or
    413-755-1300 if you want more information about this initiative or if you want
    to be included in future opportunities for the aerospace industry.

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