1. EDC, Springfield and Commonwealth Take Pitch to New York

    EDC, Springfield and Commonwealth Take Pitch to New York

    Yesterday, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic
    Development Greg Bialecki presented the Western Mass value proposition for Shared
    Service Center projects to New York-based site selectors at a luncheon organized
    by the EDC. Greg was joined by Mass Office of Business Development Executive
    Director Jim Ermilio, Brian Connors from the City of Springfield, Jay Minkarah
    from Develop Springfield, Nick Fyntrilakis from MassMutual (MassMutual subsidiary
    Oppenheimer Funds hosted us) and Allan Blair and Mike Graney from the EDC.

    This was the second pitch delivered by Secretary Bialecki
    following a similar event in Boston in March. Both featured lively, engaging
    discussions with site selectors and brokers from national firms like Ernst
    & Young, KPMG, Cresa Partners, Duff and Phelps and Richards Berry Joyce. The
    site selectors urged us to continually reinforce our message that Western Mass
    provides a quality workforce at relatively low cost (by regional standards; we
    are not a low cost location by national standards) for this industry. The
    natural inclination for decision makers for these projects is to look south and
    west as the entire northeast is often written off as too expensive. Candid comments
    from the site selectors have helped us to refine our pitch. The EDC and the
    Commonwealth will continue this initiative into the second half of 2013.

    The same team also hosted over a dozen international business
    development executives representing countries from four continents on Monday
    evening. Many countries and international regions have offices only in New York
    or at least cover the entire eastern half of the country from New York. So this
    was an opportunity for us to remind them to include our region and the
    Commonwealth in general when they have business prospects interested in the US
    or they are organizing trade missions or other B2B opportunities.  

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