1. Union Station project in Springfield gets $467400 contribution from

    Union Station project in Springfield gets $467400 contribution from

    With the latest grant, MassDevelopment has now provided nearly $2.1 million in funding for environmental work at Union Station and the abutting former Hotel Charles property, and the parking garage site. In January, MassDevelopment announced a $650,0000 grant, also through its brownfield redevelopment fund, for environmental assessment and mitigation at Union Station, as part of its commitment in funds.

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    1. Brownfields money is highly sought after by many communities and is limited, so we appreciate the high priority MassDevelopment has placed on Union Station and its importance in the regional economy.
    2. Easing access to and from Springfield will spur growth in both the city of Homes and the Pioneer Valley.
    3. I have always believed turning Union Station into a 21st Century transportation center would be a great asset for the entire region.
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