1. Massachusetts Gaming Commission hears about Casino Career Institute

    Massachusetts Gaming Commission hears about Casino Career Institute

    The commission, which met at Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School, heard that the initiative – spearheaded by Holyoke Community College with help from Springfield Technical Community College – has grown into a statewide effort. The colleges already had an agreement with the commission, the entity that will eventually choose an operator for a Western Massachusetts casino.

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    1. The economic impact of the casino industry in the region is going to be significant both in terms of revenues for the state and the localities involved but I think even more importantly in terms of jobs for the region's citizens.
    2. Job creation is a critical component of our development vision at the Eastern States Exposition ... We have committed to a
    3. It sounds like the Western Massachusetts template is coming along very well ... We're counting on this project to help us with workforce development throughout the commonwealth.
    4. It's a great opportunity, but a great challenge as well.
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