1. Mass Mentors: Volunteers to guide young people in short supply

    Mass Mentors: Volunteers to guide young people in short supply

    Martinez and his Mass Mentoring Partnership team were in Springfield last week to meet with 30 people at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission offices to present the Mass Mentoring Counts 2012 report and network. Also attending were sponsors and board members, as well as representatives from agencies in Hampshire, Franklin, Hampden and Berkshire counties that match at-risk young people with mentors. The list includes Big Brothers/Big Sisters programs and the Boys & Girls Club Family Center in Springfield.

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    1. There is also a particular need for male mentors of color to step up. Two-thirds to 75 percent of the youth are of color and only 25 percent of the available mentors are of color.
    2. We recognize the critical role that mentoring plays in a young person's development, ability to form healthy relationships and attitude toward life and learning.
    3. It's not like going and reading to a class for an hour, then going back to your office.
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