1. More nimble airport authority still on arrival | HartfordBusiness.com

    More nimble airport authority still on arrival | HartfordBusiness.com

    Connecticut's promise of a more nimble, market-responsive airport authority has been delayed by the long process of switching authority from the state Department of Transportation.  But the promise may come to fruition soon as ConnDOT will relinquish full control to the Connecticut Airport Authority sometime between mid-April and mid-May.  'Most people are very anxious to see this happen,' said Kevin Dillon, CAA executive director. 'It is a pretty comprehensive undertaking. Most people think that one day you shake hands and the next day you're in charge.'  The state General Assembly created the CAA in June 2011 to change ...

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    1. Most people are very anxious to see this happen.
    2. Seeing the complications we had with the airport authority lets us know how we can implement a port authority a lot smoother.
    3. When you are transferring from one organization to another, you have to have reasonable expectations.
    4. We have a lot of high hopes for the CAA, and right now we are eager to have that authority officially placed with us.
    5. That becomes a pretty enticing package to offer the carriers.
    6. That is a good sign of future growth.
    7. They have been very responsive, and we are pleased with the progress to date.
    8. The authority has been doing a great job of bringing the applications through.
    9. We had the cell phone lot online within 30 days of making the decision to put it in.
    10. It is very, very important for that terminal facility to come down.
    11. When that happens, you will see that nimble, quick agency that we want to be for the business community and our aviation partners.
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