1. Changing Perceptions

    Changing Perceptions

    Don Courtemanche lives in downtown Springfield. He walks to work and takes advantage of the cultural events, eateries, and other offerings readily available to him in the area. “I think of downtown as a neighborhood. It’s a place where I want to live, stay, and raise my family,” said the executive director of the Springfield Business Improvement District, or BID, adding that he can walk to 40 restaurants from his home on Maple Street, which is not technically within the boundaries of the BID, but certainly impacted by the organization’s efforts.

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    1. I think of downtown as a neighborhood. It's a place where I want to live, stay, and raise my family.
    2. We want to see a return of the middle class and others who have left or abandoned the city.
    3. The statute allowed property owners to reaffirm their faith in the BID.
    4. It contributes to the perception of public safety and will have a huge effect because it will light up the beautiful architecture we have downtown after dark.
    5. They really light up the whole building.
    6. It started with 10 concerts and has grown to 12, and the spinoff is huge for the parking facilities, businesses, and restaurants in the district.
    7. While that might not seem like a huge move, these people park, go out to eat, may visit a bar after the game, have a great time, and become comfortable downtown.
    8. We will have food and entertainment, and hopefully it will result in a new tenant.
    9. We still have a lot of vacant space, but we are on the road to the day when we become an urban theme park, which is what successful cities do to attract entrepreneurs.
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