1. Setting a Course of Action | BusinessWest

    Setting a Course of Action | BusinessWest

    There is a new strategic planning initiative underway at the Amherst campus, said Subbaswamy (known to colleagues as ‘Swamy’), one that will provide a detailed outline of where this soon-to-be-150-year-old institution needs to be with regard to everything from the life sciences to economic-development initiatives within the Commonwealth; from increasing the volume of research initiatives on the campus to improving graduation rates.

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    1. Among the cranberry growers, there is true adulation and respect for the institution, because they readily admit that their business would not be what it is today without the continued work on the campus.
    2. We're ready, and we have a track record of getting involved with social change and economic development, but we can't do it without resources.
    3. Different people have different views on what they expect from UMass, and, in general, these expectations need to be managed properly.
    4. When the Land Grant Act was passed 150 years ago and our campus was created, there were specific expectations about educating the general populace and conducting relevant research and making sure that this research translated into benefiting society.