1. EDC and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Collaborate on Shared Service Center Initiative

    EDC and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Collaborate on Shared Service Center Initiative

    The EDC and state officials including Secretary of Housing
    and Economic Development Greg Bialecki, supported by Governor Deval Patrick,
    are touting western Mass advantages for Shared Service Centers, Call Centers
    and other back office space. The EDC organized a roundtable in Boston on March
    12 when Secretary Bialecki made his pitch to regional site selectors and
    brokers. We can present a general pitch or one tailored to a firm’s specific
    needs at your request. Senior public and private sector officials will be
    available to host any prospect.

    Our primary corporate targets are Financial Services firms,
    but our assets are equally advantageous for law firms, IT firms and others with
    significant back office operations. But the initiative is really about finding
    the right location for core business functions like customer service, HR, IT
    and Purchasing. Our primary target markets are Boston and New York because
    labor and real estate savings average 20-25% for similar talent and space
    compared to those larger markets. We have abundant broadband (Springfield is at
    the crossroads of the north-south and east-west fiber optic lines in the
    northeast) distributed throughout the cities and universities in the region. There
    is a deep bench of experienced financial sector talent in New England’s
    Knowledge Corridor© (Hartford CT – Springfield MA market) from the customer
    service to management levels, as well as a pool of 150,000 college students for
    part time work or to fill the future talent pipeline. Please contact EDC Senior
    VP Mike Graney at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com
    for more detailed information and especially if you have a prospect for this
    industry in the northeast.

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