1. International Prospect Activity Increasing

    International Prospect Activity Increasing

    The EDC has maintained an international business development
    initiative focused on western Europe. We initially focused on inbound FDI and,
    while that remains a core objective, we are currently managing more requests
    for trans-Atlantic partnerships, joint ventures and contract manufacturing for
    the North America market. We sell the region’s companies and industry sectors
    as much as we sell the region as a strategic location. With risk sentiment
    still running high on both sides of the Atlantic, classic Greenfield FDI (and
    Greenfield investment inside the US, for that matter) is limited. But our
    pipeline has been filling with opportunistic European firms who ask us to find
    technology, R&D and manufacturing partners for them as a low-risk entry
    strategy into the US. Precision Machining, Medical Devices and IT are the
    predominant industry sectors considering our market. We are averaging a visit
    per month from Europe in 2013. Here is a link to a description of the services
    that we offer to companies considering our region -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/uploads/textWidget/648.00015/documents/Company_Services.pdf

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