1. The EDC on the Road

    The EDC on the Road

    EDC Senior VP Mike Graney will represent western
    Massachusetts at several conferences and trade shows during 2013. Please
    contact Mike at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com
    if you want to discuss our Shared Service Center initiative, international
    business development opportunities or any other interest in western
    Massachusetts. Of course, we are always pleased to host companies and consultants
    in Springfield, too.

    April 14-16                 Consultants Forum FDI               St. Louis

    April 22-25               BIO International Convention     Chicago

    May 13-15                  Plastics in Medical Devices        Boston (Waltham)

    June 17-21                 Paris Air Show

    September 23-26    Adva Med                                     Washington

    November 20-22     Medica                                          Düsseldorf

    December 2-4          Aero Montreal

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