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    William S. Hogan, Jr., President
    Phone: (413) 527 – 4111

    EASTHAMPTON, MA: Easthampton Savings Bank announced Bryan Delaney, age 16, junior at Easthampton High School, as their local winner in Lights, Camera, Save! – a video contest that engages young people in educating themselves and their peers about saving and using money wisely.  The American Bankers Association’s Education Foundation serves as the national sponsor of the program and selects the grand-prize winner from the videos that win at the local bank level.

    The main purpose is to get teens thinking about the value of keeping money in their accounts instead of looking for reasons to spend it.  Having a savings goal in mind is another part of this financial education program that teaches youth to use money wisely.  These are the reasons that prompted Easthampton Savings Bank and 122 banks nationwide to join the Lights, Camera, Save! contest.

    “Lights, Camera, Save! allows teens to record their thoughts about saving and using money wisely,” explained William S. Hogan, President and CEO of Easthampton Savings Bank.  “It’s a way to get kids thinking about money management and its relevance to their lives and future.” After receiving 11 submissions from Easthampton High School, ESB hosted the first round of local judging and submitted one winning video to compete on the national level for a chance at $3,000, $1,500 or $500 to fund their savings goal, plus up to $1,500 for their school.

    As it stands, 73.9 percent of students received a failing grade on a test of personal finance knowledge administered by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.  This same survey found that some 25 percent of high school seniors don’t even have their own bank account.  This program seeks to change that dynamic for the next generation of consumers. “The contest is meant to be fun and exciting but when all is said and done, we hope teens will take action and start young to save more,” Hogan said.

    On March 1st, the ABA Education Foundation announced their national winners.  1st place - Reagan Elkins, The First National Bank & Trust Co. -  Chickasha, Okla;  2nd place - Matt Xi, Brainerd Savings and Loan Association - Brainerd, Minn;  3rd place - Lewis Kloster U. S. Bank, NA - Minneapolis, Minn.  National videos can be viewed at www.youtube.com/teachchildrentosave. ESB has copies of local winner Bryan Delaney’s video, “Let’s Save”, upon request. Lights, Camera, Save! is a part of the Teach Children to Save campaign, a national movement of volunteer bankers who guide young people towards lifelong savings habits.  Since 1997, the campaign has reached some 5 million young people with the help of more than 100,000 banker volunteers. Founded in 1869, Easthampton Savings Bank has 973 million in assets with 10 offices located in Hampshire and Hampden Counties.




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