1. Monson gets ready to welcome Upper Crust Bakery, Tea & Coffee Shop

    Monson gets ready to welcome Upper Crust Bakery, Tea & Coffee Shop

    The Upper Crust Bakery, Tea & Coffee Shop, which is poised to open on Main Street in March, is among the types of businesses suggesting subtle change is afoot.According to owner Susanne Gendron, Upper Crust will be a place where people can gather to enjoy art, music, home-baked goods, tea and fair-trade organic coffee – coffee produced by farmers whose growing techniques and work environments are more wholesome and fair for the farmer and the product.

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    1. The Monson Arts Council is a big presence here.
    2. I think the town is probably more progressive than some other (nearby) towns.
    3. Conspicuous things in town seem to be very positive and reassuring for the arts.
    4. It's going to be one of those things where I'm going to be open to suggestions.
    5. Emily Dickinson actually slept here.
    6. We're very supportive of each other.
    7. The Arts Council is extremely active.
    8. The formal teas are going to be by reservations only.
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