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    1. Edward Lambert named new commissioner of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation

      Lambert, 52, will lead the largest of Energy and Environmental Affairs' six agencies. He will oversee a staff of 1,140 employees and serve as chief steward of 450,000 acres of state forests, parks, greenways, historic sites and landscapes, seashores, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and watersheds.
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    2. A Job Market That’s Heating Up

      A Job Market That’s Heating Up
      So the MassGREEN Initiative, as the program created to improvise such training programs is called, is essentially bringing the house to the trainees. Indeed, in a corner of Building 32 at Springfield Technical Community College, MassGREEN, created through $2.87 million in state and federal funding, has amassed a mock attic, mock basement, and mock walls, interior and exterior, in an effort to prepare students for what most expect will be a growing field
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    3. Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce to hold workshop for businesses on Internet security

      The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce will hold a workshop on Tuesday titled “Information Security Seminar: What Every Business Needs to Know.” The event, which will have a moderator and speakers, is set for 8 to 11:30 a.m. at the MassMutual Conference Center, 350 Memorial Drive, in Chicopee.
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    4. Service helps students stay here to work

      Nancy A. Scirocco, vice president for government and nonprofit banking at Webster Bank and a board member at the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership, said Internhere.com now has 13,600 students using the site and about 1,300 employers, including The Hartford Insurance Co., Northeast Utilities, which includes Western Massachusetts Electric Co., and Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield. Scirocco said the Partnership is working to branch out with work-to-learn opportunities for high school students and opportunities from across the state, including Boston.
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    5. Photonics Industry Roundtable

      The EDC organized our first industry sector roundtable discussion of 2011 last week. As usual, we worked with an industry partner and we would like to thank Terry VanderWert from Prima North America for hosting the roundtable and providing a tour of Prima’s state-of-the-art laser production facility. Eight photonics industry representatives joined EDC staff and Mike Vedovelli, Regional Director for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. The session was timely as the EDC will participate in a lead generation mission at Photonics West, the major photonics industry trade show in the U.S., next week. The photonics executives noted ...
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    6. Facilitating Job Growth

      Facilitating Job Growth
      But Letendre is quick to give more of the credit for Titeflex’s continued presence in Springfield to MOBD and Vedovelli, who acted as a liaison, or facilitator of sorts, between the city and the company, when Titeflex’s parent corporation, the Smith’s Group, based in England, gave those at the Springfield-based operation a few months to come up with a plan that would ultimately make more economic sense than taking the outfit to South Carolina.
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    7. Western Massachusetts Electric Co. plans solar facility in Springfield

      Western Massachusetts Electric Co. plans solar facility in Springfield
      Western Massachusetts Electric Co. plans to build New England’s largest array of solar panels on a former landfill at 282 Cottage St. Construction on the $22 million project is expected to begin sometime after March and be completed by the end of 2011, WMECo spokeswoman Sandra Ahearn said Monday.
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    8. Scuderi engine to report savings - MassLive.com

      Hoping to spark a revolution in how internal combustion engines are designed, the Scuderi Group is set to announce today that laboratory simulation tests have shown their "split cycle" engine consumes up to 36 percent less fuel than a conventional engine when running the same course in a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. The company, which has raised nearly $65 million from investors, has received interest in its innovative engine design from Honda, Peugeot, Daimler and Fiat, according to published reports.
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    9. Atkins Farm in Amherst and r.k. Miles in Hatfield take advantage of stimulus

      Atkins Farm, the longtime landmark known for its apple pies, apple cider and doughnuts, is not only replacing the warehouse it lost to the reconstruction of Route 116, but plans to add more retail space and an all-season grille and ice-cream shop. “Circumstances are pushing us toward it,” said Pauline A. Lannon, president of Atkins Farm.
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    10. Pratt & Whitney president David Hess foresees creating 'hundreds of jobs' at Connecticut plants

      Pratt & Whitney president David Hess foresees creating 'hundreds of jobs' at Connecticut plants
      This upsurge in hiring, Hess said, is a direct result of Pratt’s necessary transformation over the last 13 years from a Connecticut-and U.S.-based supplier to a global company with operations all over the world. To succeed, Hess stressed, businesses must - and Pratt has -concentrated on “high-value, high-knowledge work with a major technology component.” Also, he said, “We must recognize that low-value, low-knowledge work would leave high-cost places and probably never come back.”
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    11. Development of life science is seen as critical to the future of Western Massachusetts

      Development of life science is seen as critical to the future of Western Massachusetts
      “It will help sharpen the focus on what we need to do as a region to foster groups in this cluster, of which we have really little compared to the Boston and Worcester areas,” said Allan W. Blair, president and CEO of the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts. “I hope, from an economical point of view, it will result in, over time, some investments in key areas or components of the life sciences industry that would create jobs here and add to our overall prosperity.”
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