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    1. Springfield tax rate reduced for homeowners and businesses on 7-6 City Council vote

      Springfield tax rate reduced for homeowners and businesses on 7-6 City Council vote
      Russell F. Denver, director of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield, said the city competes for business with surrounding communities and beyond the state. He praised the council for reducing the business tax burden, saying dipping the rate below $39 is significant in promoting business retention and growth.
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    2. City to City

      City to City
      Russ Denver, president of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield, joked that he loved the city’s $11 commercial tax rate, less than one-third Springfield’s levy, and thought officials in the City of Homes might try such a number. Turning serious, he had high praise for the vision and creativity it took to put a 200-acre research park downtown.
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    3. Defense, Homeland Security contracts key for many Western Massachusetts businesses, colleges

      Defense, Homeland Security contracts key for many Western Massachusetts businesses, colleges
      Springfield’s Smith & Wesson has had a number of military contracts in recent years, including providing handguns to Air Force police officers and members of Iraq’s army, said Paul J. Pluff, director of marketing services. Smith & Wesson has more than 950 employees in its firearms factory in Roosevelt Avenue.
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    4. Mobility means more vigor for state’s gateway cities - The Boston Globe

      Springfield’s Union Station has been boarded up for 38 years, but a planned refurbishing of the building as a commuter rail, Amtrak, and regional bus center could dramatically increase the possibilities for that city. The $70 million project — which is still at least $20 million short in financing — would turn the city into a hub for high-speed rail service between Vermont and New York. With 28 trips through that “knowledge corridor’’ every day, under a $121 million expansion funded through President Obama’s rail initiative, Springfield would suddenly become a lower-cost alternative for office work that might otherwise be ...
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    5. Westfield officials to demolish forrmer Lambson Furniture warehouse in attempt to deal with blight

      The City Council recently approved the use of $60,000 in free cash to finance the removal of the storage building located to the rear of Bentley Billiards, off Elm and Thomas streets. City Advancement Officer Jeffrey R. Daley said this week demolition of the building is awaiting state approval under an emergency request because of extensive deterioration of the structure.
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    6. Utility set for major electricity transmission upgrade in WMass, Connecticut

      Timothy W. Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in Springfield, said attracting economic development is directly linked to electricity systems that operate without interruption. "Looking to the future and knowing that our need for electricity is in a reliable format is an important ingredient," he said.
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    7. Ringing True

      Ringing True
      “The employees here are some of the most amazing I’ve seen, and I’ve been in other places,” Johnson said, citing not only the strong work ethic and low absenteeism of her staff, but high ratings on employee-satisfaction surveys, all of which suggest that Liberty Mutual found the right marriage between jobs and job seekers in Springfield
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