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    1. Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2010 Financial ...

      Michael F. Golden, Smith & Wesson President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Our third quarter revenue results reflect ongoing growth at Universal Safety Response (USR), partially offset by anticipated year-over-year declines in our firearms division. USR revenue grew by 70% over the comparable period last year, which was prior to our acquisition of USR. USR revenue would have been higher but for severe weather conditions in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern region of the United States that delayed a number of construction projects. Firearms division sales of $74.7 million were within our expected range, declining on a year-over-year basis caused in ...
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    2. Breaking the Mold

      Breaking the Mold
      Mel O’Leary called it “the turning point.” He was referring to work with Reebok in the early ’90s to develop something called the “dynamic mid-sole crossover,” or DMX cushion for short. This was the athletic shoe maker’s answer to Nike’s famous ‘pump,’ and for Ludlow-based Meredith-Springfield, it was much more than a $1 million, 18-month development project.
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    3. Mass. Highway Department reviewing bids for long-awaited downtown Westfield road reconstruction project

      City officials said low bids are favorable both for the city, state and region and that the $2 million saved could mean additional funding for projects here or throughout the region through the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. That agency approved the go-ahead for Westfield’s project last fall.
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    4. Holyoke City Councilor Aaron Vega says people frustrated about lack of details about planned high-performance computing center | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com

      Patrick administration officials said at the task force’s last meeting on Feb. 18 that a preferred site along the canals has been chosen for the computing center, but they were unwilling to identify the exact location.
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    5. Big Y Proposes Franklin Supermarket

      Springfield-based Big Y Foods Inc. plans to open a supermarket in Franklin at the site of the former Franklin Buffet restaurant. The site is at 348 East Central St. (Route 140). The store has been proposed as a 55,000-square-foot supermarket and site plans have been submitted for approval with the town. Big Y estimated that the project would cost about $18 million.
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    6. Cost of health care, not a lack of competition, driving up costs of coverage, Mass. insurers maintain | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com

      Local health insurers said the cost of care, not a lack of competition among insurers or a thirst for profits, is driving up the cost of health care coverage. “It’s higher than last year because medical costs have gone up since last year,” said Peter F. Straley, president and CEO of Springfield-based Health New England.
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    7. Opportunity for Western Mass Companies at Farnborough Air Show

      The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology ("CCAT") hosts a pavilion annually at the world's premier aerospace trade shows, held in alternate years in Farnborough UK (even) and Paris (odd). CCAT has space available for the June 2010 show in Farnborough. If you are interested in exhibiting at th
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    8. Northampton gives tax break to Coca Cola

      Teri Anderson, Northampton's economic development director, said Coca-Cola is looking at two other lower-cost sites outside Massachusetts. If Coca-Cola chooses Northampton for its new product line of chilled juices, it would add a 13,000-square-foot building to its plant. The expansion calls for an investment of $25 million to $33 million for construction and new machinery and equipment, Anderson said.
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    9. Editorial: Deal to keep Titeflex a smart move by Springfield

      Today Titeflex employs only 100 at its Hendee Street plant in East Springfield, but every one of those jobs is important to the local economy. And while state and local officials recognize the need to create new jobs, they also understand that saving jobs – especially manufacturing jobs – is just as important. That’s why we’re pleased that Springfield has come up with some incentives of its own to prevent Titeflex from heeding the siren call from the South.
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